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New Chinese songs on Week 1, 2011

Everyone, Happy New Year! Starting in 2011, Sing Chinese Songs will have three new songs weekly. We might take a break now and then to go on vacation – but look forward to loads of new and interesting songs coming … Continue reading

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The life of Chinese Music

Chinese songs are just like talking about Chinese history – they are mysterious, tough and incredible all at the same time. The West started to enjoy a diversity of new music, starting around the 1900s. New styles like country and … Continue reading

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Peggy Teaches Chinese

Browsing YouTube videos again for Chinese learning material, I was amazed by the number of awesome videos that Peggy Lee has produced. There are currently 78 videos published on her Youtube Channel. They range from simple monologues, to intricate short … Continue reading

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New OCR App / Chinese Dictionary from Pleco

Last time, I posted about what became my favorite Chinese dictionary while I was living in China.  Since that time, technology has continued to advance at a breakneck pace.  I saw a video on Youtube for a new app, that … Continue reading

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